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Wood's Family Testimony

The Woods Family

“We were where we were meant to be even though we didn’t know it yet.” Do you ever worry about being homeless? We didn’t either. Are you living paycheck to paycheck? We really weren’t either. Do you worry about black mold infesting your home? Yeah, we didn’t either. Then everything around us came crashing down and there we were with three kids, two dogs, and nowhere to go..."
Charles' Testimony

Charles' Testimony

It's amazing how circumstances in life can sometimes change so quickly and unexpectedly! One day you are going about your daily schedule and everything seems normal and routine. You get up, go to work or perhaps go to class, come home, eat dinner, watch some TV and go to bed ready to do it all over again the next day. And when the next day comes, you suddenly find yourself in a situation that is completely foreign and upside down to everything you've ever known or become accustomed to. I am sure most of you can relate to this to one degree or another.

A couple years ago, I experienced something that completely turned my life upside down. it actually happened as a series of event but led up to a circumstance I had never even dreamed I would be in. You see, in 2017 I found myself unable to work and what was worse ...I was homeless.

4:34 Testimony

"God Bless Macy House"

As a very young child I was placed in several foster homes, adopted, returned back into the system, and adopted again by another family.

When I became a teenager, I rebelled against the strict fundamentalist rules of the household and church. So I left home. I became a couch surfer, living from friend to friend for short periods of time, floundering, not knowing just what to do with my life. I ended up in Corydon living at Harrison House. Because of the dangerous situations there, a friend invited me to stay with her. This arrangement soon became impossible and I was faced with homelessness again, A friend, Theresa Whitlow, recommended Macy House, so I applied and was accepted.

Macy House was a true blessing, I felt SAFE and secure. The folks at Macy House, especially Ms. Betty, were kind and literally gave me a hand up. I was able to save some money towards an apartment. I now have an apartment, a stable job that I love, and will be marrying my soulmate in a few weeks.

God bless Macy House.

"Macy's has truly been a prayer come true."

I came here with my son, we were living on the streets, sleeping in our car. We both have disabilities and were evicted from our previous home we lived in for 8 years. My son was in the hospital, once he was released, we had gone to a big shelter in a bigger city, we only stayed for three days, although the people treated us nice, the shelter was over occupied, dirty, and infested with bed bugs. I had been bitten so badly, that I eventually had to seek medical treatment. The third night after being moved from the bed that was given to me at the shelter, I was not provided with another place to sleep, so, I slept in an upright position on a couch with someone else, that had been moved out of their bed as well. That night I was bitten by something, and again there were so many bites on me, I could not endure any more.

I went to sleep in my car, on that night, when my son had awaken that next morning, we came back to Corydon, and slept in the car, when we had first become homeless, I was told there was a shelter/facility in Corydon, so, we put an application, and was waiting for approval, I did not expect to hear back so quickly, it was a "Blessing in Disguise", after leaving the big shelter, it was only hours, when I had gotten a call from Macy's House, I called and we had been approved, we came to Macy's House, and once we talked regarding facility rules, we were shown to our rooms. It was very much a "Blessing", to be able to have a room that could be locked, refrigerator to store food, and some food was available for all the guests to be able to prepare a meal.

Later, we met the other guests at the facility throughout the day, and given a meal prepared by another guest, whom was also, my roommate. Being at Macy's is much different, than the previous situation. Macy's offers something different, this is a family- oriented type of facility, that helps to set goals (short and long term), they allow you to stay in a productive type of environment, that allows for one to be able to take the time needed to get back on their feet well enough, with the intention of getting you in a better posion which gets you to where, you can leave here knowing you are not going to end up in the same position in a few short months. Macy's has truly been a prayer come true.

They felt safe and secure.

It has been a year, and I wanted to send you a letter thanking you for the help you provided for my family and I. I have never been in a homeless situation like we went through, and it was so stressful. Not only did you give us a place to stay until we found housing we could afford, but your staff really helped me emotionally. I am thankful the way the house was set up, how clean it was, and how nice everyone that helped there was. Mainly because the pre-teen girls we have did not complain or feel degraded because we were in a homeless situation. They felt safe and secure. During our time there, I met some good people, and there were other single moms with children.

I wish you all the best in the future, and hope you can continue to grow, for so many others out there like we were.

Mary & Kids!!

Thankful & Blessed