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4:34 Ministries

"Recovering the forgotten"

Addressing the needs of homelessness in Southern Indiana

Acts 4:34-35 (NIRV)

There were no needy persons among them. From time to time, those who owned land or houses sold them. They brought the money from the sales. They put it down at the apostles' feet. It was then given out to anyone who needed it.

We Need Your Help at 4:34 Ministries

Whether you have goods to deliver, wish to hold a fund raiser, or want to make a donation, we need your help. Please visit our donation page to learn more.

Latest News

Grant Received

4:34 Ministries
Receives Grant

Through the kindness of local farmer, Debra Uhl, of northern Harrison County, who was recently awarded an America’s Farmers Grow Communities donation sponsored by the Bayer Fund, and directed the donation to 4:34 Ministries, we will be able to continue and expand our efforts to help the homeless by giving them a hand up. We provide shelter, guidance, food, and spiritual guidance.

When you have seen families and individuals who, for whatever reason, are no longer able to afford housing, it tears at your heartstrings to see their plight. We have plans to improve our back yard so that our guests can enjoy the out-doors.

Guests at the Macy House live in a sober environment, do household chores, find and hold jobs, learn to budget their money and pay bills responsibly. They do their own cooking and enjoy Bible Study weekly.

We are so grateful to Mrs. Uhl, America’s Farmers Grow Communities, and the Bayer Fund for joining us in this endeavor.

Bible Study

We are excited to announce that 4:34 Ministries is providing a meal and Bible study starting at 6:00 every Monday evening at Macy House for our guests and friends. Our Bible study is entitled "Finding your Purpose."

A huge shout out to a Corydon Jr. High student who collected many needed supplies for the ministry. This world needs more young people like her.

Thank you Emma!